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Bringing together the best of East and West


1. Basics of Business in China: What to do and not do. (1 day)
2. Guangxi, Reqing, Li, Keqi and Lian or Mianzi. The Basic Principles of Chinese Culture. (1/2 day)
3. Scrutinizing the Inscrutable Chinese. The Way of Indirect Communication. (1/2 day)
4. Thinking Like a Chinese. The Essence of Chinese Thought and Language. (1/2 day)
5. The Art of Chinese Negotiation. (1/2 day)

Clients may chose a single session, a group of sessions, or the complete three day program. The one day session costs $1200.00 Each single 1/2 day session costs $600.00. The complete three day program scheduled together is discounted at $3000.00. To schedule a session or the program write to info@dragon-eagle.com


While taking our Dragon Eagle Cross Cultural Training Course will better prepare you to understand your Chinese experience, it won’t prepare you for every contingency. With all our understanding we will not claim to have all the answers, but we can help you talk through the issues and develop strategies. Where we are uncertain we will be happy to consult our extensive network of Chinese businessmen, business lawyers and associates to help you deal with the uncertainties you will face in China. We will provide 1/2 hour of initial consulting for free. Thereafter, if you choose to utilize our services you will be asked to provide a retainer and we will work out a consultation program based on your needs. Write to us at info@dragon-eagle.com

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