Who We Are

Bringing together the best of East and West
Dr. Orville R. Butler, CEO

Dr. Orville Butler is an expert on American high-tech business culture who has interacted with Chinese culture since 1987. He holds an Masters of Jurisprudence, with high distinction, in international trade law where he studied Asian legal systems under David Allan and Mary Hiscock and Chinese negotiation under BeeChen Goh. Dr. Butler has given invited lectures on industrial R&D at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Butler’s doctorate is in history of technology/science and as a historian he studies the inter-relationship between science, culture, technology and business development.  As a historian/archivist he advised the Maytag Company through its centennial celebration in 1993, as co-authored histories of Western Electric and Kennedy Space Center and spent 8 years at the American Institute of Physics studying physicists in industry, industrial R&D and science based entrepreneurship.  Dr. Butler is well connected within America’s high-tech businesses and start-ups as well as with China’s business and business law communities.